Tuesday, April 26, 2011

NEW communityKNIT project at One Yoga!

One Yoga in Uptown (721 W 26th Street) will host a new communityKNIT project! Stop by and contribute your knits and purls. Also - One Yoga will feature a full exhibition of all the communityKNIT projects over the past two years at an exhibit this Fall....exhibition dates TBD.

communityKNIT reignited....

communityKNIT has been revived!

Our communityKNIT kits at Anodyne and Chakra Khan have been slowly developing over the past several months. Thank you to all the knitters who have contributed to this project thus far....communityKNIT has been out there in the community now for almost 2 years.

We are pleased to announce that we are up to eight fully completed and beautifully eccentric scarves that will be up for auction this Fall with all proceeds to go to charity.

One Yoga in uptown will be holding an exhibit from mid-October to end of November 2011 of all the finished pieces so that the public can view these special pieces developed by many many talented hands. A reception and auction of the pieces will also take place in the Fall, date to be determined.

This has been an excited project that has also required patience in allowing these pieces to develop in their own time. Look for a knit kit coming to Anodyne in May with new summer cottons to knit and purl! And, One Yoga will also have a knit kit for yogis to contribute their stitches! Please stop by either place and help us along with your skills.

Look for pictures posted in May of all the lovely finished scarves we have created as a community thus far!

If you are interested in helping out with this project with donation of needles or yarn. Or you know of a place that a community KNIT kit would do well, please contact communityKNIT creator, Michelle at omwithmichelle@gmail.com.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

communityKNIT is back!

Our apologies....communityKNIT took a bit of hiatus prompted by the knitting needles mysteriously walking away from the project. We are unsure if a knitting thief was simply desperate for a pair of wooden needles to complete a rogue project on the run, or if some small little playful hands slipped them out of the bowl to use as drum sticks. Either way...the project took a pause.

Please come back to share your purls, knits, cables, baubles, etc. even throughout the summer. We are still aiming to have 10-15 completed scarves in the Fall that we are able to auction off for community charities.

Also, please be mindful when you are done with the communityKNIT bowl at Anodyne to not place it prominently in the kids area for little eyes and hands to see and feel. The spiral staircase is a great place to store it when you are done. THANK YOU, knitters!!!

Friday, February 26, 2010

New Palette of Yummy Yarns at Anodyne

Check out the new palette of colors for the next communityKNIT scarf at Anodyne Coffeehouse...warm coral red, luscious chocolate brown, and a soft oatmeal beige.
These are hand spun 100% natural wool fibers that were donated by one of our communityKNITTERS, Sharon P. THANK YOU SHARON!!! We are grateful to have such beautiful yarns to work with in this community project.

If you have yarns from your stash that you won't be using....feel free to donate to communityKNIT. They will go to a good cause....once we reach the goal of knitting at least ten scarves, we will be celebrating with an event where we auction off the scarves with all proceeds going to a local community charity.

Please contact Michelle, communityKNIT creator, if you have yarns to donate or would like more information on being more involved in this project: omwithmichelle@gmail.com

Our Latest Finished Piece!

Indeed it has been a while since last updating the communityKNIT blog....but that doesn't mean there hasn't been some sticks clicking away out there in the community. I have collected two finished scarves since December and have worked to weave in the many ends and block out the garments so that it can be eventually worn by one happy bidder who appreciates community hand work.

Pictured here is our latest creation together....a thick, wooly multi-colored scarf that grew bigger and bigger and, like the last one, could also be used as a mini-shawl. The craft on this recent community edition features cabling, fair-isle knitting, and unique patterns worked in intricate ways. When I think of all the hands that stopped to knit on this one piece, it gives me goose-bumps! Thank you to all who knitted together and contributed their talents!

I am finishing up the tucking of tails on our last green/blue/grey scarf that was worked up at Anodyne in January/February....will be featured here soon! Keep sharing with us you knits and purls!

Monday, December 14, 2009

communityKNITTER in Action!

We finally caught one of you knitting! Katie (featured in the photo) knitted a few rows while chatting with her visiting girlfriends in from Duluth. They talked of knitting while sipping their hot drinks at Anodyne on a cold winter day.

Come on into Anodyne and warm up while you share your knits and purls with the community!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Thank you Anodyne communityKNITTERS! Here is the completed second scarf modeled by communityKNIT creator, Michelle. This project started out BIG with 63 stitches casted on and ended up at about 5.5 feet long. It's basically a warm shawl and a great conversation piece for the person who bids the highest on it this Spring when we auction off ten communityKNIT scarves created by the many hands within the Twin Cities.

Keep in touch with us - by checking back to this blog often and sharing your feedback. And please, continue to share your knits and purls in order to keep this project rolling!