Wednesday, May 12, 2010

communityKNIT is back!

Our apologies....communityKNIT took a bit of hiatus prompted by the knitting needles mysteriously walking away from the project. We are unsure if a knitting thief was simply desperate for a pair of wooden needles to complete a rogue project on the run, or if some small little playful hands slipped them out of the bowl to use as drum sticks. Either way...the project took a pause.

Please come back to share your purls, knits, cables, baubles, etc. even throughout the summer. We are still aiming to have 10-15 completed scarves in the Fall that we are able to auction off for community charities.

Also, please be mindful when you are done with the communityKNIT bowl at Anodyne to not place it prominently in the kids area for little eyes and hands to see and feel. The spiral staircase is a great place to store it when you are done. THANK YOU, knitters!!!