Monday, September 14, 2009

Anodyne Coffeehouse

Shame on me for thinking this project may have a slow start up and need some time to get going. After dropping off this first prototype for the CommunityKNIT project at Anodyne Coffeehouse on 43rd and Nicollet last week, it took just five days and you as a community jumped right in and started knitting!

Thank you to Anodyne for taking a risk and letting us try this out! And thanks to you knitters: Patti, Mary, Maddie, Marisa, Teresa, Bonnie, Claire, Barbara, Iris, and Nicole (to date anyway). We appreciate your skills and talent!

So you can see here by this photo how the project is progressing. A couple of more CommunityKNIT baskets and bowls will go out into the community in the next few weeks at coffeehouses. Watch here to see where they end up and get out there and knit! Be sure to continue to follow the progress here on this blog.

If you are a coffee shop/coffeehouse interested in hosting a CommunityKNIT....please contact Michelle at

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  1. I found the project tonight, wonderful concept!