Monday, December 14, 2009

communityKNITTER in Action!

We finally caught one of you knitting! Katie (featured in the photo) knitted a few rows while chatting with her visiting girlfriends in from Duluth. They talked of knitting while sipping their hot drinks at Anodyne on a cold winter day.

Come on into Anodyne and warm up while you share your knits and purls with the community!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Thank you Anodyne communityKNITTERS! Here is the completed second scarf modeled by communityKNIT creator, Michelle. This project started out BIG with 63 stitches casted on and ended up at about 5.5 feet long. It's basically a warm shawl and a great conversation piece for the person who bids the highest on it this Spring when we auction off ten communityKNIT scarves created by the many hands within the Twin Cities.

Keep in touch with us - by checking back to this blog often and sharing your feedback. And please, continue to share your knits and purls in order to keep this project rolling!


Chakra Khan Massage & Asian Bodywork located in the Ivy Building for the Arts welcomes communityKNIT! Set in a creative, peaceful, comfy and homey environment you can now knit while you wait for your massage, Thai bodywork, or yoga therapy session. The colorful surroundings in this waiting room will surely inspire you as you sit amongst hand-made items for sale and creative artwork along the walls.

Thank you to Julie & Jess, owner of Chakra Khan for participating in this creative community event! Chakra Khan is located at: Ivy Building for the Arts 2637 27th Avenue South, Suite 216B Minneapolis, MN 55406

Anodyne: Third Scarf Underway

communityKNITers....our 3rd Scarf is underway. A new palette and new yarns set out for your creative stitching skills to explore! Your talents have been overwhelming...thank you for your knitting, purling, seeding, cabling, baubling, lacing, ribbing, and patterning technique. All of your hand-skills together have been creating beautiful pieces. The last, very large, scarf is nearly a shawl. Once all the ends are tucked and the piece is cleaned up - we'll post it for all to see.

If you have friends and loved ones who LOVE this idea but sit next to you green with envy because they do not know how to knit....keep checking back in here at communityKNIT blog. We will be hosting knitting 101 events around the city to promote knitting and continue the love of an ancient skill in our modern society.

Please feel free to comment on this blog - we love your feedback! Also - be sure to log in the passport book each time you knit....keeping that connection with the project and your fellow knitters.

Lastly - this project has primarily been funded out the of the humble pockets of our communityKNIT creator, Michelle. If you have yarn you would like to donate....we'll welcome it! Please contact Michelle if you can contribute:

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Anodyne: New Project under way...

The second scarf is well on it's way with a new palette and a great set of knit patterns already knit up for all to view. Stop by and join in on the action!

This is a wider scarf. Let's keep this one rolling for a while to create a nice warm garment meant for a Minnesota Winter.

A couple of things to keep in mind as you come into knit: When switching colors do not tie knots simply break the yarn leaving about 8-10 inch tail (we'll take care of the loose ends later), don't cast off and start a new project until we've completed this one (we know its tempting!), and HAVE FUN!

We appreciate everyone's interest, support, and skills in this community project. Please feel free to contact communityKNIT creator, Michelle, at should you have yarn to donate, would like to start a communityKNIT kit in another venue or have any questions.

Anodyne: First Finished Scarf!

Thank you communityKNITTERS at Anodyne Coffee!! We have together finished our first communityKNIT project: a scarf! This awesome many-hand-knitted scarf will go up for auction Spring 2010 with hopefully many other scarves. The proceeds will go to a local charity.

If you fancy seeing yourself in this great warm hand-made item, then be sure to keep checking back to this blog so that you know when, where, and how to bid.

Keep knitting! Keep sipping coffee and tea! And keep being creative! And for knit-sakes, tell your friends about it!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Anodyne Coffeehouse

Shame on me for thinking this project may have a slow start up and need some time to get going. After dropping off this first prototype for the CommunityKNIT project at Anodyne Coffeehouse on 43rd and Nicollet last week, it took just five days and you as a community jumped right in and started knitting!

Thank you to Anodyne for taking a risk and letting us try this out! And thanks to you knitters: Patti, Mary, Maddie, Marisa, Teresa, Bonnie, Claire, Barbara, Iris, and Nicole (to date anyway). We appreciate your skills and talent!

So you can see here by this photo how the project is progressing. A couple of more CommunityKNIT baskets and bowls will go out into the community in the next few weeks at coffeehouses. Watch here to see where they end up and get out there and knit! Be sure to continue to follow the progress here on this blog.

If you are a coffee shop/coffeehouse interested in hosting a CommunityKNIT....please contact Michelle at