Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Anodyne: Third Scarf Underway

communityKNITers....our 3rd Scarf is underway. A new palette and new yarns set out for your creative stitching skills to explore! Your talents have been overwhelming...thank you for your knitting, purling, seeding, cabling, baubling, lacing, ribbing, and patterning technique. All of your hand-skills together have been creating beautiful pieces. The last, very large, scarf is nearly a shawl. Once all the ends are tucked and the piece is cleaned up - we'll post it for all to see.

If you have friends and loved ones who LOVE this idea but sit next to you green with envy because they do not know how to knit....keep checking back in here at communityKNIT blog. We will be hosting knitting 101 events around the city to promote knitting and continue the love of an ancient skill in our modern society.

Please feel free to comment on this blog - we love your feedback! Also - be sure to log in the passport book each time you knit....keeping that connection with the project and your fellow knitters.

Lastly - this project has primarily been funded out the of the humble pockets of our communityKNIT creator, Michelle. If you have yarn you would like to donate....we'll welcome it! Please contact Michelle if you can contribute:

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